Stephen is a passionate advocate of natural medicine by supporting the body's innate ability to heal itself.

Here are a sample of testimonials of Stephen's past work in natural medicine at Unity Health with Supplements and Treatments.......

"My wife and I have been using Stephen’s Unity Health products and services for over ten years now and throughout that time have always been impressed by the integrity, and technical back up associated with their products. It was clear from the moment we started buying from Unity Health that the utmost care was taken to ensure that only the very purest and best quality natural ingredients were used.  The purity is a real issue for my wife, who is a Coeliac and must avoid Gluten at all costs.   We switched to Unity Health from other preparations, purchased on the High Street and found that the results were extremely satisfactory. The dosage levels were less than for High Street brands because of the purity and concentration.   Results – i.e. lessening of pain in joints and general well being were marked and gratifying.  We continue to use them".

David Dadd Clare Suffolk

"I have suffered from hay fever for approximately 15 years and have tried pretty much everything from nasal sprays, eye drops, and tablets, prescribed medicines to over the counter remedies. I was pretty much a recluse through the summer months just to avoid aggravating my hay fever but with two young children this was pretty much impossible to do!

A friend recommended Unity Health's Yamoa to me last year, I was sceptical but after just clearing up a bout of conjunctivitis because I had scratched my eyes so much I was willing to give it a go. After two weeks I could really see the benefits, my eyes were far less itchy, and the sneezing pretty much cleared up. It was just as good as all the other things I had taken but with out the drugs as it is all completely natural. I will continue using Yamoa and would strongly recommend all other hay fever sufferers to give it a go too"

Dawn Peal-Shankar Frinton on Sea Essex

“Having been advised many years ago to try preparations from Unity Health, I must say that they have been more than successful in dealing with various health problems.

 Being sensitive to Gluten and Wheat, my overall health has been noticeably improved since changing to these very pure herb and food supplements. They are preferable to brands one can buy over the counter in Chemists and some Health Food Shops.

 The quality, care and back up received from Stephen Guy-Clarke is beyond reproach.”

 Elaine Patmore (Mrs) Halesworth.

   ""Since suffering a Heart attack five years ago I have been on Statins ever since to lower dangerous levels of Cholesterol. It was thanks to the technical support I received from Stephen Guy-Clarke that I was made aware of a vital natural antioxidant called CoQ10  which is reduced by the use of Statins. I learned that CoQ10 is beneficial in cardiovascular conditions, as Heart tissue contains the highest concentration of CoQ10 in the human body.

I started to feel a lot better within just one week of taking this supplement, now I no longer feel tired and run down and have the energy to keep up with my young family.

 My wife was also recommended by the Stephen to try Grape Seed extract as an antioxidant after her chemo and radio therapy, which has done wonders to improve her well being. My wife and I now rely on the Stephen to both advise and supply us all our supplements.  We would heartily recommend our friends and family to this service”.

 The Carters of Penwood, Hampshire.

“For several years my partner and I have relied on Stephen Guy-Clarke to provide us with good quality herbs and food supplements. Our reliance stems from continued support from his company; for example, I am a keen clog morris dancer and when I developed a knee/cartilage problem which gave me sharp pain when dancing and walking down hill, I was not happy! However, I took a course of the Unity Health’s Glucosamine formulation and the problem soon cleared.

I have taken Unity Health’s phytoestrogens to deal with hot flushes etc over a period of 5 years. They have worked very well and so I have avoided the difficult decision of taking HRT since there is much evidence to suggest that the related side effects of HRT can be life threatening.

Four years ago my partner began taking Unity Health’s Saw Palmetto formulation following the reappearance of prostatic hyperplasia and the sleepless nights visiting the bathroom that haunted both of us. He really did not want to have surgery again as he had 7 years previously, (the medics were really pushing this option). Within 3 weeks there was an obvious reduction in symptoms.

To date we have not found any other supplements with such efficacy that are backed by Stephen’s real technical support, (unlike many retail outlets with poorly trained staff). We will continue to use and recommend Unity Health for the foreseeable future.”  

Christine Lucas Ware Herts

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It is said that ‘knowledge is power’: when it is applied to one’s health it can be truly ‘empowering’.

How often do we talk about people being a ‘victim of a heart attack’? The implication is that we are somehow ‘ambushed’ by this life threatening condition. It is my contention that the vast majority of cases of coronary artery disease are preventable if we take responsibility for our health and reduce the risk factors.

Wishing you vibrant health,



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